Interesting Facts about the Life of Michael Kwong

Michael Kwong applied to different General Practice Residencies at hospitals throughout the USA. He attended about 5 interviews and eventually was matched up with Medical College of Ohio, a teaching hospital in Toledo, Ohio.  The General Practice Residency gave him valuable experiences which were not taught just from dental school. He cared for medically compromised patients, got operating room experience and also emergency room experiences. It was the most important training which has helped him enormously throughout his career.  His director offered him a second year as Chief Resident and also an opportunity to receive a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical science.  He happily accepted and continued on his training and studies. One of the requirements for his Master Degree was to write a thesis and his title was entitled “The Effectiveness of 2% Chlorine Dioxide of Dental Aerosol”.  In 1996; Michael graduated from Medical College of Ohio with a Master Degree.

Michael Kwong

During his residency, Michael met his wife Sherrie and upon graduation he and his wife moved to Groton, Connecticut. He accepted the associate dentist position at Bridgework Family Dental Center. He and his soon to be wife found New England to be very interesting and decided it will be a good place to start a family of his own.

In 1997, the couple got married back in Toledo. They have their ceremony in Toledo and the reception was held both in Toledo and in Richmond, BC. The couple had their honeymoon in Disney World and also in a Caribbean Cruise. Right after their honeymoon, the couple returned to Connecticut and soon after Sherrie became pregnant with their first child. In October 1998, the Sherrie gave birth to their first child, Samantha in New London, Connecticut. His wife never expected it would be so hard to have a new baby and away from her family and friends so she quickly grew homesick.  Thinking about his wife and little girl, Michael decided to move back Ohio so that they can be closer to their grandparents. And in November 1999, the young family moved back to the Toledo area.

In Toledo, Michael joined a practice and resumed his career. In the winter of 2000, Sherrie got pregnant again and the family was expecting for their second child.  They welcomed their second child Allison in August 2001. They raised their young family in Perrysburg, Ohio.  It was in 2005 when Michael was offered an opportunity in the Cleveland. With his wife, they talked about the opportunity and decided it was a good career move and they have decidedto move to Westlake, Ohio. They stayed in Westlake for one year and soon after they found out that the schools were better in Avon Lake and so the family move again to Avon Lake so that the young girls would have a better education.  The family lives in Avon Lake and the girls join in different activities including gymnastics to volleyball.

Michael Kwong daughter

Sherrie is a registered nurse at a local hospital and Michael is a private dentist and practices all aspects of general dentistry.


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